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Carla & Richard

We have just completed our final part of our total property renovation and we are so thank full and grateful to Emily for taking a great previously owned family home and bringing it up to date and a truly creating a welcoming family home for us to enjoy for the next many, many, years to come. We could not have asked and definitely could not have expected such a great transformation. The vision, ethics, professionalism, safety and always keeping costs in mind has been remarkable. There was no detail left out. 
She not only designed everything (aspect) of the design itself but was also the main co-ordinator with the trades to get things done right, like it was her house. The Contractors and Neighbours could not believe the transformation and her vision. BRILLIANT. 
We bought the house from a from a family who wanted us to have it, because we are very close to them and due to their changing circumstances. We have since had the previous family over after the renovation and they we in tears when walking back to re-visit their initial home. They could not believe the magnificent the transformation and vision was done. 
We have also had people inquire if we want to sell already due to the outside appearance alone, along with neighbours wanting to have us just show the house to them. WOW. 
We have attached before and after pictures which everyone can see the outstanding job that was done solely by Emily. 
We have recommended Emily and will continue to do so to everyone we talk to. 
Again we truly cannot say enough, for giving us a truly remarkable, comfortable and welcoming home. We feel very fortunate and will always be grateful to Emily.

Diane & Tony

We can not recommend Emily highly enough, we bought a new condo while we were still living in our home. We explained to Emily some of the things we wanted and she took over the whole project. 
The end result was amazing, there were so many things she did that I realized how she listened to us. 
Emily has amazing knowledge and experience and is so fun to work with. 
I am looking forward to working with her again on our next home.

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